Case studies: Coaching/training/facilitation

Reskilling staff for different jobs

A graphic designer working in the design and printing subsidiary of a national services group was reassigned to an account management role.
Response: Mspec provided one-to-one training and coaching covering basic business communication and templates for effective account management.
Results: The client became the subsidiary’s top-performing account executive, later winning a company award for best customer services manager.

Raising the bottom line

The CEO of a mid-size IT company wanted a better offer from a
prospective buyer.

Response: Mspec coached the CEO through development of a more benefit-orientated sales pitch to more persuasively communicate the current and potential future value of
the acquisition.
Results: The prospect nearly doubled their price while the client was able to attract an even higher offer from another potential buyer.

Improving unsatisfactory performance

A communications executive in a multinational business was failing to meet targets set for him by his manager.
Response: Mspec provided one-to-one coaching sessions during which tools and techniques were introduced to the employee to improve his business communication skills and capabilities.
Results: The staff member became a top performer and ultimately, the manager's
'right-hand man.'

Releasing staff creativity

The marketing manager of a division of an international services group wanted staff to take more creative approaches to their jobs.
Response: Mspec delivered a unique workshop combining stress-reduction and interactive exercises with everyday use of the written word.
Results: Afterwards 100% of attendees agreed they could see ways of becoming more creative at the office while continuing the process started in the workshop.

  • Strategic consultancy and
    project specifications
  • Marketing department
    structure & organisation
  • Communication budget
  • Interim management
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Executive coaching
  • Staff training
  • Marketing & research
    project management
  • Preparation of marketing
    services tenders
  • Supply chain review and
  • Strategic design of
    web-based communication
  • Marketing staff job
    descriptions and role