Case studies: Decision-Maker

Progressing annual marketing and business plans

A marketing manager with limited staffing resource required a mechanism for impacting the annual plans of over 12 business units of an international company within a relatively short timeframe.
Response: Mspec created a planning template to help empower unit managers to apply a more strategic marketing approach to the whole process while facilitating the marketing chief’s capacity to influence all of them in a standardised way.
Results: A series of executive-level workshops were held, using the template as a focus; individual managers were aided with justifying their business plans and forecasts while the marketing manager was enabled to not only provide relevant input into every one but formulate a consolidated overview of marketing requirements for the company as a whole while gaining internal buy-in to promotional spend allocations.

Defending a divisional budget against cost-cutting

The head of a newly formed academic services division of a university
needed to respond within days to an institutional audit, to defend the
budgets of recently amalgamated departments in the face of a mandate
for significant cutbacks.

Response: Using in-depth interviews and a team workshop, the Consultant helped the director and key department heads to devise a methodology for presenting a detailed and rigorous self-assessment of the division’s activities while projecting the potential impacts of alternative cost-cutting scenarios.
Results: The director and department heads were given tools and techniques for quantifying their value to the university’s mission and templates for achieving greater collaborative working and organisational consolidation to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.

Spearheading a website development plan

An online marketing manager required assistance with formulation, and initial implementation, of a long-term website development plan.
Response: Mspec provided guidance and business rationale for detailed specification
of a 3-year programme whilst devising and coordinating a master plan for actioning the first phase.
Results: A design revamp and copy refresh, internal sign off and posting of nearly 60 web pages with approvals secured from as many as 8 different individuals for each page was completed.

  • Strategic consultancy and
    project specifications
  • Marketing department
    structure & organisation
  • Communication budget
  • Interim management
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Executive coaching
  • Staff training
  • Marketing & research
    project management
  • Preparation of marketing
    services tenders
  • Supply chain review and
  • Strategic design of
    web-based communication
  • Marketing staff job
    descriptions and role