Case studies: Strategic/tactical

Structuring and specifying a marketing operation

The marketing manager of a UK subsidiary of an international corporation wanted to embed a strategic-marketing focus into the department.
Response: Mspec advised on its structural reorganisation and resourcing, individual job specifications and development of the business rationale for new hires.
Results: The company approved the manager’s proposed restructure and hire of at least two new permanent positions.

Mobilising a major customer research project

A well-established insurance company wanted to conduct their first comprehensive customer satisfaction survey amongst major broker intermediaries involved in key policyholder accounts.
Response: Mspec was asked to develop a strategic brief for the project and help identify and select an appropriate research house to conduct the study.
Results: An experienced research agency was recruited and thereafter Mspec served as an expert link between the supplier and client, advising the latter’s sales and marketing managers about the key business decisions required to move the project ahead.

Helping a small business go online

A beauty therapist recognised the need to promote her business on the internet but had no idea how to go about it.
Response: Mspec formulated an overall marketing strategy and tendering brief for a simple website, devised its communication design and layout including imagery and copy while assisting the therapist to select and work with a technology company to get the new site posted.
Results: The client now has a 4-page website registered with various search engines and is delighted with people’s reactions to it. Click here to visit:

  • Strategic consultancy and
    project specifications
  • Marketing department
    structure & organisation
  • Communication budget
  • Interim management
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Executive coaching
  • Staff training
  • Marketing & research
    project management
  • Preparation of marketing
    services tenders
  • Supply chain review and
  • Strategic design of
    web-based communication
  • Marketing staff job
    descriptions and role